Monday, 29 November 2010

Gorgeous green

Hedy Lamarr looking fabulous in green

This post is dedicated to the lovely Alex who's favourite colour is green.  I'm always looking out for green things for her on Ebay.

I rarely wear anything green although I love it as a colour.  I love brightly coloured make-up and I wear an Urban Decay emerald green glittery eyeliner a lot.

I own one dark green dress which I wore last week.  It's quite prim and proper for me, I think I was going for the secretary look with this one!  Although I did throw on a long belted cream coat, a huge sheepskin stole and stiletto ankle boots with it.  The broderie anglaise shirt dress (above) is by Ghost, from Ebay of course at the bargain price of £12.  I had quite a few comments, possibly because people are so used to seeing me in black, red or cream all the time with only the occasional splash of colour.   

I may not own many green clothes but I seem to have a lot of art which features it.  One of my friends pointed out a while back that nearly every painting I own is of someone nude or topless.  I'd honestly never noticed before!

I'm *rolls eyes* STILL finishing sorting out my wardrobe.  I've put aside today to do it but I've faffed around and haven't done it and now I'm watching I'm a Celeb.  I will have to crack on with it later.  For now here's another collection of pictures, all featuring green from interiors, fashion and art.

Painting by John Atkinson Grimshaw
Spirit of the Night (1879)

I love this painting, I've had it since I was a child

Painting by John William Waterhouse
Hylas and the Nymphs (1896)

I have this printed onto canvas which I must take to the framers

Painting by John Everett Millais
Ophelia (1852)

Painting by John William Waterhouse
The Lady of Shallott (on boat) 1888

Painting by Henri Rousseau
The Dream (1910)

Photography by Michael Comte
Tasha Tilberg

Photography by Steven Meisel
Lara Stone for Louis Vuitton

Alexis Smith - that chaise is quite something

Photography by Steven Meisel
Natalia Vodianova

Photography by Mikael Jansson
Sasha Pivovarova

Photography by Miles Aldridge
Siri Tollerod

Photography by Patrick Demarchelier

Natasha Poly backstage at Balmain SS09 - I love this dress

Anja Rubik

Farah Fawcett - I would definitely wear this jumpsuit

Keira Knightley in Atonement

Painting by Dante Gabriel Rossetti
The Day Dream (1880)

Photography by Mert and Marcus
Edita Vilkevicuite

Photography by Eric Guillemain
Ali Smith

Painting by Tamara de Lempicka
Autoportrait, Tamara in Green Bugatti (1925)

Photography by Craig McDean
Coco Rocha

Photography by Michael Eastman
Green sitting room from World of Interiors

Photography by Michael Eastman
What a great arch - Why put a sofa in front of it?

I love dark green walls

Painting by Dante Gabriel Rossetti
Ghirlandata (1873)

Photography by Annie Leibovitz
Husband and wife Jack White and Karen Elson

Photography by Patrick Demarchelier
Frida Gustavsson

Photography by Steven Meisel
Natalia Vodianova

Photography by Steven Meisel
Christy Turlington

Photography by Steven Meisel
Snejana Onopka

Painting by Tamara de Lempicka
The Green Turban (1929)

I have this on my kitchen wall at the moment

Photography by Walter Chinn
Kate Moss

Lara Stone

Painting by Tamara de Lempicka
Young Lady with Gloves (1930)

I would love a pair of these

Antique emerald and diamond ring - gorgeous

And finally, one of my favourite people ever Siouxsie Sioux.  I love this song and I love Siouxsie's green glitter eyeshadow, done by her make-up artist Billy Chainsaw.  For some reason on my copy of the video the colour is much more vivid.  I must track down some eyeshadow like this.

I've had many brilliant and bonkers nights out with Siouxsie, Budgie and Steve Severin which were lots of fun.  Shadowtime is is one of the most beautiful Banshees songs from their thirteenth album, Superstition.

Have a listen and let me know what you think, it's quite different to most Banshees songs and Siouxsie looks fabulous.

Siouxsie and the Banshees - Shadowtime (1991)  Love.

I hope you've had a great evening xxx


Simone said...

Gorgeous images, wow!!! I love so many of them - but I loved the green dress from "Atonement", SO beautiful.

And I have those green sparkly shoes in red!! I wore them when I went to a party as Dorothy, I LOVED them. I know, would you believe it, conventional old me! LOL! A lot of school mums there, I actually heard someone I knew whispering "have you seen her shoes"??!! Like I couldn't hear her!!! When I told her I bought them from a fetish website on Ebay, she nearly choked on her drink :)

I have been glued to "I'm A Celeb....".....shame the Spy story is over, that was funny! Thank God Gillian has gone.


Belle de Ville said...

Fabulous post...I just knew that you would have the Tamara de Lempika paintings in you green group!

Belle de Ville said...

And that dress from Atonement is magnificent.

Daniel-Halifax said...

I love the de Lempicka paintings! And Waterhouse, another favorite. Actually every picture in the post is brilliant!

Alex said...

Oh Christina I love you. I was feeling very overtired and ratty and this has put a huge smile on my face.

So much deliciousness to comment on. I LOVE those shoes and Natasha Poly's gorgeous dress. The Atonement dress is one of my all time favourite pieces of film costume as well.

The Millais Ophelia and a Waterhouse painting are huge murals on the wall of my fave pub. It's like a bordello - all red velvet seats and fringed lamps and these gorgeous paintings on the wall. Entirely out of place (it's in quite a studenty area) but rather wonderful nontheless.

ps - doesn't Karen Elson look magical in that photo? One of the few modern day people who I really think could pass as a Pre-Raphaelite muse.

Alex said...

pps - the label on the hood/hat thing looks like it says "Tessa Qizilbash, HNC Millinery" The stand was from Leeds College of Art.

Isn't it stunning? I did immediately think "wow, Christina would look amazing in that" when I saw it!

Poetry Is Life said...

green is such a mesmerizing colour i love it.

Miss Peelpants said...

Beautiful, I love Hedy.

I also love green dresses. Almost as much as red. If I had more, then they might overtake red as my favourite!


WendyB said...

Re your comment on my blog, I was just listening to X-Ray Spex at the gym about 10 minutes ago!

little augury said...

Christina, I love this collection of greens and your own dress. the photograph of Hedy actually does stand out from every one here-No? I have had the Alexis Smith photo in a file tagged- Glamour- for at least 15 years? I think I should start dating these tear sheets for my memory fails there are so many. I think good greens in clothing are very hard to find in the fashion market. of course these from the designers are pretty fantastic but finding anything with the depth of these pieces can't be found. I do love green so. thanks for this collection. Gaye

legend in his own lunchtime said...

Wonderful post (as usual). I love green as a color and those posts show just how spectacular it is. Shame not many people wear it. Over here it always associated with St Patrick's day which isn't very glamorous at all.

Helga! said...

O,my,what divine imagery!! I ws fair dribbling over each and every one,and then there were the SHOES!
EEEK! And you topped off all those fave things,the Waterhouses,de Lempickas,fab frocks...with Siouxsie!!! You sure know the way to my heart!!! OH!
I love that Siouxsie song,but hadn't seen the video!! Love that she still has the teardrop guitar! I love Siouxsie!! I love glitter!! I love green,glam frocks,art etc etc....cheers for that.Lovely.
Yay,you rock!

Vintage Vixen said...

Dear Christina, totally fabulous post, green things, pretty shoes, Pre-Rahaelites, Lempicka, Jack White, that sofa, Kate Moss and to top it all off, Souixsie (who I love).
Thank goodness that freaky McKeith's gone, do you think it'll be Dom Jolly next? His strop was a bit silly last night.
Have you got snow? It's white over here.
So fabulous to speak at last yesterday, can't wait to meet. xxx

Alison Cross said...

...tagging along at the end here!

I don't know which image I like the best, they're all wonderful! I should probably wear more green (dark hair, pale skin, grey eyes) it always looks quite good on me.

Again - an aversion to it from the 70s when my mother would FORCE me to wear green. Well force me to wear green when she wasn't forcing me to wear BROWN *sigh*

Re th arch - wondered whether it might be painted up to look as though the arch continues? But it might just be a wall behind the sofa? I would write trompe D'whatzit, but can't spell it!!!


Ali x

MilaneseGAL said...

buongiorno Christina, thank you for the nice comment, I simply adore your Green Post! Green is the favorite color of Miuccia Prada she thinks that any GAL looks faboo in green. I agree, blond, brunette, would look amazing in that Balmain dress or the silk Farrah Fawcett silk jumpsuit.... We have to keep an eye on eBay!
I adore to pair my greens with Chanel Rouge Noir nail polish and tons of gold, instant glamour.
Would you consider doing a post on Kate M. Christina 's way..... Around the world she gets a lot of attention but I would love to see your cut of the story.... Un bacio M.

LouBoo said...

Hello! What gorgeous green...
You commented you wanted to put name to face - I hardly ever post pictures of myself - but to put you out of your misery here is one from July:

Penny Dreadful said...

You know Siouxsie? *swoon* Lucky girl. My favourite of theirs is Spellbound, I will have to listen to Shadowtime when I get home (can't do music at work).

The first pic of Natalia looks so much like a Tamara de Lempicka painting, at first I actually thought it was. I think we have similar tastes in art, you very often post photographs or paintings which are my own favourites.

Looking at all of the pictures, I think green is as much a striking colour to wear as red, and a little bit more unusual. Note to self, must buy fabulous green satin jumpsuit. xx

Make Do Style said...

Okay firstly I cannot express how much I love Siouxsie Sioux and actually spent my 3rd year at uni trying to look like her even though I have blond hair! Her version of Helter Skelter is the best ever - fact! Please tell her, even thought my jaw hit the ground when you said about all your nights out!

I love the green jumpsuit on Farrah wonderful. I'm thinking green is the way forward xx

Mrs P said...

Some lovely images, and I did buy the green Gap Valentino jacket but really because my school uniform was bottle green, I have a bit of an aversion to the colour generally, even though it does suit me. I love your dress and the Farah Fawcett jumpsuit most of all x

Young at Heart said...

love a bit of Siouxsie and loving those glittery shoes....I think green is supposed to be a good colour to wear if your'ew depressed...note to self!!

Wildernesschic said...

Gorgeous photos .. Green is one of the colours I have most in my wardrobe.. I love it and it suits my colouring ..I would love a glamorous green dress though xx

Dash said...

Christina this is a ravishing post, love the Alexis Smith picture..gosh that the way Natalia Vodianova is styled like a Tamara de Lempicka painting, gorgeous.

sacramento said...

Wonderful green post. Love the photos. Specially the Pre- Raphaelite painters are my favourite.

Smashingbird said...

Oooh lovely pics, Ophelia has to be one of my all time favourite paintings. Farrah's jumpsuit is quite something indeed- you'd look fab in it I bet!

Sarcastic Bastard said...

I love the photo of Jack White and the Mrs.

Mosaicista Appassionata said...

Green is one of my favourite colours and your images reflect the beauty and power of it.

Jill said...

You do the best posts! The pic of Farrah is my favorite. You resemble her in a lot of ways.

Amy joe said...

Wow! both green dresses look smart. i like the Gisele Green dress. it's grizzling’s photograph.Thanks for sharing.